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You Are About To Go To Our Support Server.


BEFORE clicking on the support button at the bottom of this page, please read these four things!!!!!!!!!!!

You can also manage, track or get updates on your subscription at

1. Transactions can take a while to go through - please be patient

Payments require 15-60 minutes from the time they are paid to synchronize with the system

2. If your transaction is under even by 0.5$ it will not go through.

You must make sure that you send the EXACT amount of Crypto the TX has asked for. 

3. If your transaction has timed out but you've already sent Crypto

You have either sent it on the wrong chain, sent it late or too little.


If your transaction has timed out because you sent too little, check your email and spam folders for a CoinPayments refund email.

If your transaction has been sent to the wrong chain, your funds will likely have been lost.

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